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Quo Vadis

      ​I am a Vancouver florist specializing in custom designs. I have always enjoyed expressing myself creatively whether it be through baking cakes or painting fine things. More recently, I discovered my love and passion for flowers and have channeled my creativity into making customized flowers for others. It brightens my day knowing that my flowers can brighten the lives of others. 

I love travelling the world and attending different floral schools to expand upon my existing skills. I have attended:

- The Maureen Sullivan Florist School in Vancouver; receiving my Advanced and Wedding Design Certificates;  

- Judith Blacklock’s Floral School in London, England; receiving my Certificate in Intensive Floral Design; 

- Floral Design School in Portland, US; receiving my Advanced Wedding Floral Design Certificate; and 

- Karen Tran's Master Class in Como Lake, Italy.


Kathleen Quo Vadis

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​Kathleen Quo Vadis